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Votos totales:  18 . Le gusta al: 77.78% .
Votos totales: 18 . Le gusta al: 77.78% .
Descripción del juego Tesoro Miner:
Be a real Treasure Miner in this free online game and pull all sorts of riches out of the soil - you'll dig it! While other miners drive tunnels into the mountains you mine the cool way! You just ram your hook into the ground and pull up whatever ores or gem you are able to grab within sixty seconds. To help you maximize your profit you can invest the points you've earned in helpful tools like a better hook, bombs to blow up the useless rocks in your way, some extra time or the ability to pull your hook back faster. Play now see if you can be one of the few miners who actually get rich!

Play Treasure Miner with your mouse or touchscreen.


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