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Votos totales:  24 . Le gusta al: 87.5% .
Votos totales: 24 . Le gusta al: 87.5% .
Descripción del juego 2020! Reloaded:
2020! Reloaded much like its beloved predecessor is a challenging puzzle game that takes the basic idea of Tetris but manages to create a whole new experience. The player has to fill horizontal or vertical lines to make these blocks disappear and score points. The game is lost if there is not enough space on the board to place a new element. Take your time and think about every move you make or you will run out of space pretty soon. The brand new career mode introduces exciting variations and will never leave you bored. Play 2020! Reloaded now for free!

Play 2020! Reloaded with your mouse, tablet, iPad, iPhone or mobile phone


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